Our Work

Who we are

The Alliance for Business Leadership is a coalition of progressive business leaders who believe that social responsibility and sustainable growth go hand in hand. We are from companies and organizations large and small; long-established and new; boldfaced names you know and people behind the scenes. What we share is a commitment to creating growth, opportunity, and a fairer society for everyone. The Alliance uses the platform and privilege of the business community to move the needle on issues of economic inequality and social mobility. We turn up the volume on the voices of progressive business leaders and change the perception of where the business community stands on the issues.

What we do

We connect our members with like-minded peers, establishing a network based on shared values. Then, we provide opportunities for that network to learn, discuss, and create relationships with key policymakers and thought leaders so that we can collaborate in developing solutions to long-term challenges. ABL operates on a theory of change that leverages the talent and successful leadership from the private sector to find innovative solutions to challenges in the public sector. Our members are driven to lead by their values and willingness to partner, and to create opportunities for civic and social leadership. All of this for a single goal, to make Massachusetts a better and more welcoming place for all. That’s what makes ABL an exciting and unique organization.

Where We make change

An affordable, accessible, and efficient transportation system is essential for economic growth and the wellbeing of our businesses, communities, and workforce that drive it. ABL engages business leaders and policymakers in a conversation around why we need to shift from a plug-the-holes mentality to investing in bold and innovative infrastructure that will create a more sustainable and equitable future for Massachusetts.

By investing in our education system and workforce, Massachusetts has transformed into a leading hub for innovation, attracting top companies and talent from around the world. But our continued growth is being put at risk by the ever-rising cost of living that is pushing our workforce further and further out of our cities. The strength, diversity, and economic wellbeing of our communities is dependent on access to affordable housing. At ABL, we bring policy experts, business leaders, and advocates to drive solutions to our housing crisis.

Massachusetts has proven that investing in clean energy drives economic growth and helps mitigate climate change. As we work toward our goal of reaching net-zero by 2050, we need to ensure that the policies that get us there center environmental justice, innovation, and opportunity. ABL creates the space for business leaders and policy experts to advocate for smart investments and bold policies that will solidify our position as a national leader in clean energy and address the climate crisis.

It’s impossible to address economic opportunity and social mobility without talking about opportunity in the workplace. ABL has been a leader on important issues like board diversity, the minimum wage, paid family and medical leave, and equal pay, and we have an ongoing focus on early education and child care. By making the case that policies that open doors and create a level playing field are good for business and good for the economy, ABL is driving the conversation about workplace opportunity in Massachusetts.

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